Daniëlle van Lieshout (1996) is an energetic, enthusiastic conductor from The Netherlands that has a deep connection to classical music.

Daniëlle as…


To share beautiful choir music with people that want to reach the tops of their abilities: that is what Daniëlle finds the most beautiful. Starting January 2016, Daniëlle is conductor of The Hague Children’s Choir, the first concert choir from the Academy of Vocal Arts. As of january 2019 she is also the conductor of selection choir Musicanti. She introduces children into the world of music, singing together and listening to each other and stimulates them to develop as much as possible. She takes this enthusiasm into the world of student- and adultchoirs, where she fills in for other conductors on a regular basis. In June 2021 Daniëlle graduated from Codarts Rotterdam, where she was already conductor of the First Year Choir from September 2019 on.


As of the 1st of September 2019 Daniëlle is the director of the Academy of Vocal Arts. With her energetic passion for the musical education for children combined with a profound love for classical music she will try to make sure that the Academy of Vocal Arts gets the bright future it deserves, which goes as well for (children’s)choir singing in The Netherlands.


Since the covid pandemic Daniëlle has also started composing. Her first composition, When this is over, was very well received during the premiere and afterwards. Since then, she writes several pieces every year, mostly for equal voices.


For two years Daniëlle studied to be a teacher in Primary School: Academische PABO in Leiden. She broadened and deepened her pedagogical knowledge and skills that she already obtained teaching at the Academy of Vocal Arts. At this Academy she has been teaching sight-singing and stage presentation skills for years now. Also, she prepares children and youth of all ages to concerts and performances. The learning process interests her very much and she tries to offer challenges to every child at their own level.


Daniëlle graduated in choir conducting from Codarts, the Conservatory of Rotterdam. Her main subject teacher was Wiecher Mandemaker, conductor of the Laurens Collegium, the Laurenscantorij and the Rotterdam Symphony Chorus. Aside from that, she followed main subject lessons in The Hague with teacher Jos Vermunt. In Rotterdam her side subjects were singing, windband conducting and orchestra conducting with the following teachers: Connie de Jongh (singing), Carlo Balemans (windband) and Hans Leenders and Sander Teepen (orchestra), as well as several guest orchestra conducting teachers, like Arie van Beek, Jurjen Hempel, Bas Wiegers, Conrad van Alphen en Roberto Beltrán.
Further, Daniëlle travels regularly to Paris, where she follows classes with Marc Korovitch, choir master of the Swedish Radio Choir. She also attends masterclasses, for example with the Croatian Radio Television Choir in Zagreb in 2019. Previously she followed several courses or seminars in choir conducting, for example in Freiburg with Volker Hempfling and Michael Reif and the Kurt Thomas Cursus in Utrecht with Rob Vermeulen, Michael Zemtsov and Fokko Oldenhuis.


At eight years old, Daniëlle started singing in a children’s choir. She got her musical education at the Academy of Vocal Arts, where she was a member of The Hague Children’s Choir, selection choir Musicanti and – present day included – Cantamare Vocal Ensemble. Also, she sang for a short amount of time in the Laurenscantorij Rotterdam. The experience of singing together, singing music with beautiful harmonies, brings a lot of joy to Daniëlle, every time. In the meantime she focusses on solo singing as well as choir singing: in April 2019 she sang several aria’s of Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater. At the moment Daniëlle is one of the few singers in the ACVA Ensemble.